The #1 most used superabsorbent dressing for highly exuding wounds[2,3]

Enjoy the benefits of highly effective, advanced absorbency

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Enjoy the benefits of Zetuvit® Plus

Zetuvit® Plus provides clinicians a trusted solution for highly exuding wounds[2,3]

Zetuvit® Plus…

  • Addresses the importance of wound moisture control
  • Provides advanced absorbency, even under pressure promoting[4,5] longer wear time[5]
  • Time saving[6] and cost-effective[7] due to fewer dressings’ changes with its excellent absorption and retention capacity
  • Absorbs and locks in excessive exudate, together with the excess level of proteases (MMPs), to prevent periwound damage[8,9] and reduce odour[10]
  • Improves patient’s quality of life due to its comfort and ability to control exudate levels

*in patients with moderate-to-high exudating leg ulcers in the UK.

Zetuvit plus

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